September 2020

3rd Grade is excited to be returning to the classroom this September!  During Distance Learning, we have been discussing what our classroom will look like upon our return and the new rules & procedures that will be in place to keep everyone safe.  Students will have their own personal desk with plexiglass to work at throughout the day.  In addition to the plexiglass, masks will be worn to provide additional protection.  Outdoor learning environments will be available on campus, so we can continue our lessons across the curriculum, while enjoying the great outdoors!  Also, during Distance Learning, students reviewed the meaning of social distancing, which will be enforced on campus.  A recent activity had the students use objects such as Legos, stuffed animals, and markers, to show what 6 feet actually looks like.  The blue starfish painted throughout the hallways will help 3rd Graders remember to keep 6 feet between themselves and their classmates.

A special shout out to Mrs. Moss, our principal, who worked tirelessly on getting Stella Maris Academy our waiver.  Thank you for preparing our campus to make this possible and getting the students back in the classroom!