September 2018

3rd Grade is enjoying their new role as the “big kids” in the Junior Yard!  Recently we elected two class representatives who will meet with SMA’s student council each month.  It was a close race, as the student speeches were persuasive in telling us why they should earn their classmate’s votes and the ideas they already had to improve the Junior Yard for all the classes.  “Who wants goals for our soccer games?  Well, I have an idea how to get them!”  “Let’s have access to board games during recess!  Not everyone plays four square!”  These were just some of the ideas that were shared with enthusiasm which excited the students with possibilities!  Our reps will be sharing questions and concerns of the TK through 3rd Grade classes and report back what is discussed during the meetings.  The 3rd Graders appreciate having a “voice” and being able to communicate with the SMA student council!

3rd Grade is also looking forward to Family Fun Night on Friday, September 28th!  The dunk tank is sure to be a hit as teachers will be at the mercy of their students!  And if it’s pie the students want, teachers are ready to get pied too!!!  We can’t wait to dance the night away, under the stars, with our SMA friends!!!