The students enjoyed their first field trip to St. James.  Learning about Icons was a great introduction to the Saints, who we will be researching in the coming weeks.  Be sure to mark your calendars for SMA’s Saints Assembly on Friday, November 6th at 10:00am.  School Mass will follow at 11:00am.  Our next field trip will be to Indian Hills Camp.  Our trip will enhance our studies of the Native American Indians in Social Studies.  Students will learn how the Indians lived off the land in particular regions.  Thank you to Mrs. Chiep for volunteering to work with 3rd Grade in Art Literacy.  The students are excited to learn about new artists this year and make connections between artists and literature!  Students will continue to pray the rosary in class during the month of October.  Our virtue of the month, Building Peace, continues to be discussed and prayed for around the world.

Students have been working hard in the classroom.  Currently in Reading, students are learning about the main ideas of informational texts and how the key details support the main idea.  In Math, students are learning about square numbers, working on their multiplication facts fluency, and solving word problems.  In Writing, students will be researching a California Indian Tribe to write an Informative research paper.  In Social Studies, students will be learning about Native American trade and government as well as customs and folklore.  In Science, students continue to study plants and will create a Plant Journal.  Our next experiment will answer the question, “What is inside a seed?”

I am proud of the hard work my students have been putting into their studies!  Our first Marble Party was a success (Reading the Lorax, watching the original Lorax movie, and enjoying popcorn) and the students are busy earning marbles for their next party!  It’s easy catching my students “being good.”  Way to go 3rd Grade!!!