October 2018

3rd Grade has been enjoying their study of Engineering in Science.  Over the past few weeks, students have used the Design Process to help them create catapults that launched marshmallows, redesign their paper airplanes in hopes of them flying 10 yards through a hula hoop, and design structures out of spaghetti that would defy gravity!  Students persevered through each challenge and strengthened their ability to work in teams.

Students have also enjoyed writing Argumentative writing pieces that allow them to share what they believe.  Students have chosen to publish some of their favorite pieces such as Are Student Planners Helpful for Students? and Should Snacks be Allowed at School?   Students are providing their reasons and elaborating on them so the reader fully understands why they feel the way they do.  In addition to the writing process, which involves drafting, revising, and editing, students are peer conferencing which provides them the opportunity to share their suggestions on how their classmate can improve their writing.  Taking it one step farther, students have been learning to support their reasons using evidence from text.  In their recent writing prompt, Is Homework Good or Bad for Kids? students use reasons they agree with from the article to enhance their opinion on the matter.  3rd Grade has lots to say and does a great job expressing themselves through their writing!

Our study of Multiplication continues during the month of October.  Fluency in both multiplication & division is continuously worked on and solving problems is our specialty!  Our 1st Performance Task asked students to transport 40 students to a science museum using parent drivers to get all the students there.  A chart provided the necessary information in solving this real world problem.  Students planned numerous ways of getting the students to their destination by applying the multiplication skills they have been working on over the past few weeks.  Showing their thinking was critical in showing their understanding of this task so equations were written out, pictures were drawn, and explanations were written. Students are learning the importance of productive struggle  as the struggle will challenge them and help them grow academically!

It’s been a full month so far, and we look forward to the weeks ahead!!!

Mrs. K