October 2017

3rd Grade has been busy with Science labs this month!  Students learned that not only are there Mathematical Practices, but there are Scientific & Engineering Practices as well!  Students are learning to ask questions, develop models, and plan & carry out investigations.  Students are engaging in discussions based on evidence from their labs and evaluating their findings with their lab partners and groups!

Post it Note towers were constructed to test their flexible thinking and perseverance!  Students recognized the value in mistakes and the learning opportunity then presented.

Marshmallow Catapults required students to research, plan, build, and test in order to launch a mini marshmallow the greatest distance!  New vocabulary was learned such as fulcrum and lever.  

Who can construct a paper airplane that will fly 30 feet through a hula hoop?  Well, we tried and got awfully close!  Students researched the  four forces of flight to help them in their design.

Finally, The Marshmallow Challenge had students working in groups building the tallest structure possible using spaghetti, tape, string, and a marshmallow on top!  3rd Grade is solving problems by finding multiple solutions just as engineers do!

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