3rd Grade has had a great start to November!  We began the month preparing for SMA’s annual Spirit Run which   will take place on 11/19.  Mrs. Bonakdar stopped by our classroom to explain how students will set individual goals on how many laps they can run.  Family and friends will sponsor them.  Money raised will be used to                        support classrooms and supplement spending on technology, school improvements, and curricular enrichment.

Our Saints Assembly was truly amazing!  Looking out at the student body dressed as the Saints was quite a sight!  Many students took  center stage to share what they learned about their chosen Saint.  The procession around  La Jolla was the perfect way to see the “Saints Go Marching.”

3rd Grade began Star Testing.  Star Testing is the new Standardized Test  SMA will be using.  We will no longer      lose two weeks of instruction for testing!  Also, we will be able to monitor student growth throughout the year by       administering the test more than once!

As Thanksgiving approaches, 3rd Grade will complete a service project by visiting with seniors at Casa De             Manana Retirement Community.  We will be performing a Thanksgiving Skit to bring some holiday cheer!  Lines      have been learned, art work has been created, and costumes have been fitted.  Kindergarten will watch our dress    rehearsal and give us “thumbs up” before our big day!

3rd Grade is also preparing for our Thanksgiving Feast.  Students have woven Navajo type placemats and               transformed pinecones into turkeys as a table decoration.  Thank you to our wonderful room moms for preparing a   traditional Thanksgiving meal complete with apple and pumpkin pies!  We are looking forward to sharing what we    are thankful for and saying Grace before eating a delicious meal.  We truly are blessed and have so much to be       thankful for!

Parent Teacher Conferences will take place the week of November 16th. I look forward to speaking with parents     about their child’s growth throughout the past few months!

Thanksgiving Break then begins!  We will be off for the week of November 23rd.  I wish you all a wonderful              Thanksgiving surrounded by family and friends!

Mrs. K