November 2020

3rd Grade celebrated the saints with style on Friday, October 30th!  After presenting their saint reports, the students paraded around the village in their costumes for all to see!  Immediately following the parade, we celebrated mass in the church for the first time this year!  It was a special day that was captured in photos for us to look back at fondly!

November is here and our studies of the CA Indians will continue with an Informative Report of the tribes from the four CA regions.  Students will practice their note taking skills and draft a script which will be used to create a video.  After writing their saint report, using technology will give the students an opportunity to express themselves in a different way, while still teaching interesting facts to their audience.

Students are continuing their studies of Animals Through Time by looking closely at trait variation, natural selection, and survival.  Recently students explored how designer dogs came to be.  Many of the students were familiar with dogs such as labradoodles, which have one labrador parent and one poodle parent.  Selection was previously discussed with fruits and vegetables and now students are making connections with dogs!  Next up… Can selection can happen without human involvement?  Students will look closely at anoles to answer that question!

Opinion Writing continues but with a twist!  Students will be using articles to support their opinion.  Students may agree with an argument presented by an author and would like to use a reason presented in their own writing to support what they believe.  They know that credit must be given to the author so sentence frames will be used to avoid plagerism.  A focus on elaboration will be a goal in the coming weeks.  As we say in 3rd Grade, “If you can talk about it, you can write about it.”  The details are what make a writing piece interesting!

Students have been practicing using story elements to identify the central message of a story.  After reading The Empty Pot by Demi, students recognized that trying your best is all that can be asked of you.  The evidence from the text was that the main character’s father told him if he did his best, that was good enough.  Students then made connections to their own lives, realizing telling the truth is important, another central message they took away from the story.  Next, Informative text will be used to identify the main idea.  Key details will help students in finding it!

In Math, students continue to practice their multiplication fluency and solve real world math problems.  Students are seeing the importance of being a strong reader in math.  Students must comprehend what is being asked of them first before even writing down an equation.  Through practice, students are strengthening their “math muscles” and building confidence in their mathematical abilities!

Bring on November!  3rd Grade is ready!!!