November 2019

3rd Grade celebrated All Saint’s Day in many ways!  Over the past few weeks, students chose a saint to research and wrote their first Informative Report.  Notes were taken and drafts were written.  Vocabulary was learned such as the meaning of blessed and canonization.  How exactly is someone declared a saint?  What is the process?  These questions were explored and the lives of the saints were looked at more closely.  Reports were presented to the 1st and 2nd Graders who exhibited their attentive listening skills.  Questions were answered and portraits of the saints were displayed so the students could better understand who these men and women were.  Many were martyrs, dying for their faith. On November 1st, All Saints Day, students dressed as their saint and attended an assembly in which we prayed the Litany of the Saints.  This formal prayer supports our School Wide Learning Expectations in teaching the traditions of the Catholic Church.  Buddy classes participated in a procession around the village and we attended mass with our Mary Star of the Sea parish community.  Father Pat reminded us we too can choose to be saints!  It was a beautiful day!

3rd Grade is looking forward to our 1st Field Trip of the year!  We are off to the Fleet Science Center to participate in an engineering class that will further support our classroom studies.  We can’t wait to get our “hands on” the challenge ahead!!!