November 2018

Over the past month, the 3rd Graders have been helping their parents around the house to earn money for Thanksgiving Basket items which will be given to a family in need.  We walked over to our local Vons to purchase the items.  Students brought their reusable bags and shopped wisely comparing prices and looking for healthier choices.  I heard students discussing choosing a chicken broth with lower sodium and yams with light syrup.  Our 3rd Grade basket will be delicious and healthy!!!  I am so proud my students are thinking of others during this holiday season.  It is the season of giving and we have so much to give!

SMA is open for Veteran’s Day and we are thrilled!  After Monday morning mass, students will celebrate our veterans in the Parish Hall.  We have been learning about the 5 Branches of the Military and that not only do we thank those who are currently serving, but we must also thank those who have served.  These are the men and women who fight for our freedom and protect us!  God Bless them and God Bless America!!!

In conclusion of the First Trimester, students have reflected on what they have done well in as well as what they need to continue working on.  Students were quite honest in their reflections which shows me how much they value their education.  Students will continue to grow as leaders in the classroom and set goals to improve in the areas of Reading, Math, and Writing during the 2nd Trimester.  I was amazed by their bright young minds over the past 12 weeks, and now I look forward to seeing what my students will achieve over the next 12!!!!