May 2019

Gratitude is SMA’s virtue of the month and 3rd Grade has so much to be grateful for.  We have had a wonderful year full of learning, our relationships with God are stronger, and we have gained tremendous confidence in ourselves.  We are also extremely grateful for our wonderful mothers who we will be celebrating on the 12th of May.  We thank them for all they do and their unconditional love and support.

3rd Grade is looking forward to our final field trip of the year which will be to the Museum of Natural History.  We will be visiting the various exhibits which will support our studies in both Social Studies and Science.  Students are especially looking forward to the dinosaur exhibit to gain more understanding of fossils, which give us a window to the animals and habitats of the past.

SMA’s annual Night of Art and Music is highly anticipated.  Many of the 3rd Graders participate in the instrumental music program throughout the year which teaches them to play instruments such as the trumpet, drums, or flute.  The band will perform, songs from Music class will be sung, and student art work will be on display for all to see.  This year students will enjoy an ice cream social to celebrate an amazing year of artistic growth!

3rd Grade is also preparing for the SMA Talent Show.  We have a song and dance number that will be sure to have the audience singing and dancing along in their seats!  We have a lot of practice ahead of us to get our number just right but we welcome the challenge!!!

SMA recently had a Play it Safe Assembly to help students learn the difference between mean behavior and bullying.  Role playing enabled the students to apply strategies that could help them in difficult situations.  Students learned it’s key NOT to react and ideas were shared to practice verbal defense.  3rd Grade will spend the next few weeks continuing this discussion and apply strategies in the classroom and on the playground.  A Kindness Pledge was taken and will be displayed in class to serve as a reminder that we are to act as Jesus did, kindly.