May 2018

During the month of May, we honor Mary as “the Queen of May”.  We began the month with SMA’s traditional May Crowning.  Mary was surrounded by beautiful fresh flowers and a floral crown was placed on Mary’s head as we sang her praises.  3rd Grade will continue to honor Mary this month by praying a decade of the rosary each day.

3rd Grade is busy working on their animal research reports.  This cumulative project supports what we have learned in Life Science about animal’s habitats and their adaptations.  They have spent time gathering facts about their chosen animal, drafting their findings, and publishing their writing.  Students are bringing their reports to life by creating videos as well.  They are supporting one another and learning from each other along the way!

We are also learning about fractions.  The “lightbulbs” keep turning on as students begin to understand fractions are parts of a whole.  Connections are being made such as 2/4 = 1/2 and division plays a part in all of this!  3rd Grade is enjoying their start to fractions by comparing them and locating them on number lines.  Who knew fractions could be so much fun?!?

In Social Studies, discussions have begun on why people must obey rules and laws.  Two common themes continue to be brought up… safety and order.  Students are seeing how the rules and laws which are in place, help us all live together peacefully.  3rd Grade students are terrific citizens at SMA, and our social skills help us follow the school rules!

Students began their Science fossil unit by activating their prior knowledge through a Think- Puzzle- Explore activity.  3rd Grade showed great interest in this subject matter and had plenty of questions they would like answered!  We will be exploring this topic in various ways such as reading articles, watching videos, and making our very own fossils!  Students are looking forward to learning more about the La Brea Tar Pits and researching the Megalodon!  Summer is around the corner and a trip to the Museum of Natural History would be the perfect place to support what we are learning in the classroom!

So much to learn… we truly are Life Long Learners:)