June 2018

As we approach the final days of the 2017-2018 school year, I look at my students and burst with pride!  My students have accomplished so many academic achievements in Reading, Writing and Math throughout the year.  Their love for learning is a gift from God that will help them better understand the world around them.  I encourage them to continue asking questions and find out the answers.  We truly are life long learners and my students are the future!  They are the future scientists and historians.  They can be anything they want to be, the sky’s the limit!!!  My students have worked cooperatively each day, respectfully disagreed at times, and have listened attentively to one another as ideas were shared.  But, what I am most proud of is their growth in maturity which enables them to apply the social skills taught each month and live by SMA’s monthly virtues.  I am grateful I had the privilege to be their teacher:)

Good Luck in 4th Grade!