January 2021

3rd Grade has big plans ahead for the month of January.  We begin with our new virtue, Celebration!  We will celebrate all that God has blessed us with.  The talents in our classroom are many!  Students are looking forward to beginning our next read aloud, The Wizard of Oz.  We will be performing it as a play in the coming weeks. Close Reads and Hot Topics continue as to practice our reading and writing standards in addition to our daily Reading & Writing lessons.  In Math we continue our unit on Measurement with a focus on Graphing.  Problem Solving and fluency of the multiplication facts is ongoing.  3rd Grade brains are getting mathematically stronger and stronger through their hard work!  Narrative writing begins this month and we will be participating in an essay contest which has students reflecting on a moment they felt close to God.  Maybe their prayers were answered by God, maybe the were forgiven by a friend, or maybe an act of kindness was that special moment.  In Science, we will begin a new unit studying how plant’s reproduce and pass on their traits.  Students will continue to learn about selection of traits based on inheritance which was discussed in our prior unit.  In Religion, students will be learning about the composition of today’s Church.  Students will also learn that Christ is present in the Mass by listening to the Word of God and receiving the Eucharist.  The bar has been raised for the new year and expectations are high in 3rd Grade!