January 2018

Happy New Year!  3rd Grade is looking forward to a great year ahead!

We are back to school and ready to challenge ourselves even more!  3rd Grade is continuing to read Informational Texts to help us see the importance of sequencing, cause and effect, and time order.  Historical events, such as the story of Jesse Owens, can show us how earlier events can impact people’s lives as they get older.

The students have enjoyed learning about time and feel more comfortable reading an analog clock.  Now we are on to graphing!  Recently we surveyed our classmates about their favorite flavor of ice cream and created a pictograph to show our findings. We will continue to problem solve using graphs and apply our graphing skills across the curriculum.

In Writing, we are continuing to write Informative pieces.   Most recently students wrote about how they are meeting our School-Wide Learning Expectations.  Students will be presenting their writing to the 1st and 2nd Graders to practice their public speaking skills.  Their writing will also be displayed in the front office for all to see.  3rd Graders have so much to say and they express themselves beautifully in their writing!

We have begun a new Science unit on Weather.  Currently students are learning the difference between weather and climate.  They showed their understanding of vocabulary by participating in a Chalk Talk.  Students were asked what summers are like in San Diego.  Were they describing San Diego’s weather or climate and how did they know?  Students are looking forward to applying their graphing skills when they collect data on San Diego’s daily high temperatures!

Our virtue of the month is Celebration.  As Catholics, we celebrate the wonder of the Incarnation.  We were given the gift of Jesus as well as own individual gifts which make us all unique.  May we use these gifts to make the world a better place in 2018!  Let’s celebrate the true meaning of Christmas all year long!!!