January 2017

3rd Grade started the year with a few New Year Resolutions!  Students created a list of thoughtful goals to work toward in the new year such as Read More, Stay Present, Improve Behavior, and Get plenty of rest & Eat well!

On Friday, January 6th, we celebrated the Epiphany at our All School Mass.  TK-2 did a great job acting out the magi visiting the baby Jesus.  We celebrated his divine birth by singing along with the SMA choir throughout the mass.  3rd Grade enjoyed eating the traditional “rosca de reyes,” a Spanish American king’s cake, to celebrate the Epiphany.  3 baby Jesus’ were found!

Catholic School’s Week is quickly approaching on January 29th.  SMA will hold it’s annual Open House, Sunday the 29th from 10-12pm.  Many fun activities are planned for the week.  A favorite among students is Grandparent’s Day!  3rd Grade is looking forward to presenting a recent writing piece to their grandparents and creating a unique piece of art with them!  We will end the week with an All School Mass celebrating the gift of family!

3rd Grade has started the year off on the right foot!  Cheers to learning and “raising the bar” with high expectations!