February 2020

3rd Grade enjoyed celebrating Catholic’s Schools Week in many ways!  We began by thanking our Mary Star of the Sea community by serving doughnuts after Monday morning mass.  Our Space themed assembly honoring our wonderful Pastor, Father Pat, Principal Moss, and VP Mrs. Zack was “Out of this World!”  3rd Grade dressed up as aliens and recited an original poem which expressed our gratitude for all they do for SMA!  Parents were thanked with a delicious breakfast and students were treated to a Taco Truck for lunch!  We ended the week with our grandparents.  3rd Grade dissected owl pellets and had a Q & A with one of our grandparents who just happens to be an author of a Christmas book.  Mass was beautiful and I know the grandparents appreciated spending time with their grandchildren at SMA.

In the last few weeks of the 2nd Trimester, 3rd Grade will continue working on the many standards across the curriculum.  In Reading, students just finished learning how text features can help them with their comprehension of informative material whether it be from a textbook or an article.  Next, point of view will be looked at closely.  How would stories be different if they were told through “different eyes?”  As we know, there are always two sides to a story!

In Math, students are working on place value, with a focus on adding and subtracting with regrouping and borrowing.  Rounding to the nearest ten and hundred are also aiding students with mental math.  All skills being learned are applied to problem solving.  As always, showing our thinking is critical in showing our understanding of the steps involved in finding the answer.

In Writing, students are continuing working on Informative Writing.  Recently, students read a book on how water reaches the ocean.  After creating graphic organizers, students answered the two part prompt explaining how water reaches the ocean as well as why some water never makes it there.  Using evidence from the text and elaborating with their “writer’s voice,” students were able to express their thoughts clearly to the reader while teaching them about this topic.

In Social Studies, students are learning about our community and who has come to our region in the past.  CA’s growth from the gold rush and the transcontinental railroad will be discussed and timelines will be created to show our understanding.  Then, the affect of early settlers on our region’s economy will be looked at.

In Science, students are enjoying studying why plants give us fruit.  Students played a game in which they had to determine foods as a science fruit or a science vegetable.  Students were required to think like plant scientists, not chefs!  Next up, students will figure out how to make the biggest fruit possible in support of our studies of inheritance, traits, and selection.

In Religion, students have been learning how to pray.  Different prayer types have been identified and students understand the importance of a daily prayer life in which we thank God for all that we have been blessed with.  In coming weeks, we will be discussing how we can help and serve in our home parishes.  There are many ways to participate in a parish’s worship.  As Lent approaches, we can all volunteer our talents, whether that means singing in the choir or serving doughnuts after Mass.