February 2019

3rd Grade has been enjoying reading Poppy by Avi.  Although it’s a Fantasy piece, students have been making connections to animal food chains & webs.  One of the main character’s, Mr. Ocax, has been viewed by the students as a cruel, heartless owl but as we are approaching the end of the book, we are realizing he is just being true to himself as a predatory bird.  Students made a connection to a recent magazine article we read about the importance of the wolves of Yellowstone.  Animals at the top of the food chain are essential for the balance in nature.  Mr. Ocax may seem like the bad guy, but he certainly has an important role to play in the forest.  Once we finish Poppy, students will be dissecting owl pellets.  What was the last meal an owl had?  Could it be a mole, a vole, or a shrew?  With the help of a bone chart, students will be able to determine the animal in the pellet and create a skeleton model!  3rd Grade recognizes that reading, even a Fantasy piece, helps us better understand the world around us!!!