Our Indian Hills Field Trip was a success!  The classes were informative, the playground was amazing, and the      shopping was fun:)  Thank you to all the chaperones for your help!

Next, we are off to Harry’s Coffee Shop for our Art Literacy lesson.  Students will be learning about Norman            Rockwell.  Harry’s has an extensive collection of Rockwell’s work on their walls.  Students will find inspiration as      they walk around and then create their very own Rockwell inspired piece of art!

The students are looking forward to their Polar Express Holiday Party.  A gift exchange will take place, as well as     crafts & treats.  All Aboard 3rd Grade!

Students are also looking forward to the Christmas Pageant!  They have been working hard during Music class to    learn various songs.  It will be a night to remember!  Don’t forget your cameras!!

The Spirit Run Fundraiser was terrific!  Not only did students get some extra exercise, they raised a lot of money     for Stella Maris Academy!  Thank you to all that donated!

As December comes to the end of the 2015 school year, 3rd Grade has a few more things to do before vacation     begins.  A San Diego neuro surgeon will be visiting the classroom to speak about the spine.  Students have been   studying vertebrates and invertebrates in Science and his expertise will help in their understanding of the                backbone.  They are looking forward to sharing the backbones they made out of gummy candies and pasta!  Also,  students will be writing to their new French Pen Pals!  Students will be helping these children with their English      while practicing their own letter writing skills!  Who doesn’t like to receive a letter in the mailbox?


Congratulations to Stella Maris Academy for winning the Overall Float Trophy!  Great Job!!  It was fun to walk the   parade with the students and show our school spirit!  Thank you to all who sang under the Christmas Tree right      before it was lit.  It was a long day but worth the wait when we shared that special moment together!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Mrs. Kwiatkowski