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September 2020

3rd Grade is excited to be returning to the classroom this September!  During Distance Learning, we have been discussing what our classroom will look like upon our return and the new rules & procedures that will be in place to keep everyone safe.  Students will have their own personal desk with plexiglass to work at… Read more »

August 2020

We are back to school on Monday, August 24th!  Everyone is looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones!!! We will begin with Distance Learning and we are ready!  Students are familiar with the learning platforms, and will receive all the necessary materials to start the year off on the right foot! 3rd… Read more »

Summer Work

Want to come back to school in the fall and attend our ice cream social? What about having the math department serve you pancakes? If either of these options interest you, please take a moment and check out the information below. Every summer our students are asked to read and complete math assignments (grades 4-8) to… Read more »

May 2020

3rd Grade students continue their learning at home.  Students are working more independently, and producing quality work, which is what 3rd Trimester is all about!  I am so proud of their ability to ask questions to clarify assignments and their ability to show their thinking creatively through online platforms! On May 1st, Mary was crowned… Read more »

April 2020

3rd Grade continues their studies, but at home this month.  Distance Learning hasn’t slowed us down!  We continue to work on our spelling and vocabulary as well as our Hot Topics and Close Reads. In Reading, students are learning about the importance of illustrations and words in informative texts.  Just like in literature, the illustrations… Read more »

March 2020

3rd Grade helped organize SMA’s Lenten Coin Drive.  All coins collected will be donated to the Missionary Childhood Association helping children around the world in need. Students attended Mary Star of the Sea’s Ash Wednesday Service and made their Lenten promises.  3rd Graders reflected on what they could do less of and MORE of, the… Read more »

February 2020

3rd Grade enjoyed celebrating Catholic’s Schools Week in many ways!  We began by thanking our Mary Star of the Sea community by serving doughnuts after Monday morning mass.  Our Space themed assembly honoring our wonderful Pastor, Father Pat, Principal Moss, and VP Mrs. Zack was “Out of this World!”  3rd Grade dressed up as aliens… Read more »

January 2020

3rd Grade wishes you a Happy New Year!  As we reflect on 2019, we recognize all that we are grateful for!  Through the good times and bad, God was with us all along the way.  The students have been blessed with many gifts which they will continue to share through the Christmas Season.  May we… Read more »

December 2019

3rd Grade is looking forward to learning about the season of Advent which helps us to prepare for the coming of the Son of God. Students will be participating in an Advent Reconciliation as well as learning about the Saints honored during Advent. In Reading, students will learn about similes, metaphors, and personification.  Illustrations will… Read more »

November 2019

3rd Grade celebrated All Saint’s Day in many ways!  Over the past few weeks, students chose a saint to research and wrote their first Informative Report.  Notes were taken and drafts were written.  Vocabulary was learned such as the meaning of blessed and canonization.  How exactly is someone declared a saint?  What is the process? … Read more »