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January 2020

3rd Grade wishes you a Happy New Year!  As we reflect on 2019, we recognize all that we are grateful for!  Through the good times and bad, God was with us all along the way.  The students have been blessed with many gifts which they will continue to share through the Christmas Season.  May we… Read more »

December 2019

3rd Grade is looking forward to learning about the season of Advent which helps us to prepare for the coming of the Son of God. Students will be participating in an Advent Reconciliation as well as learning about the Saints honored during Advent. In Reading, students will learn about similes, metaphors, and personification.  Illustrations will… Read more »

November 2019

3rd Grade celebrated All Saint’s Day in many ways!  Over the past few weeks, students chose a saint to research and wrote their first Informative Report.  Notes were taken and drafts were written.  Vocabulary was learned such as the meaning of blessed and canonization.  How exactly is someone declared a saint?  What is the process? … Read more »

October 2019

October, the month of the Rosary, has started strong with the 3rd Grade students praying a decade of the Rosary each day in class.  We are thanking Mary for her continuous protection over the Church.  We are also dedicating this special prayer to those in need whether it be a family member, a friend, or… Read more »

September 2019

As we welcome in the month of September, we introduce our first virtue of the month: RESPECT.  Students are sharing what respect means to them, what respect looks like, and why it’s such an important virtue to spend time contemplating.  In addition to our virtue, students are practicing their social skills.  Throughout the year we… Read more »

August 2019

Another wonderful school year is around the corner!  Classroom doors open Wednesday, August 21st!!!  I look forward to welcoming back students and parents to SMA.  I also look forward to meeting our new families who are now part of our special Stella Maris community! Please join us Wednesday the 21st in front of the Administration… Read more »

Summer Work

Want to come back to school in the fall and attend our ice cream social? What about having the math department serve you pancakes? If either of these options interest you, please take a moment and check out the information below. Every summer our students are asked to read and complete math assignments (grades 4-8) to… Read more »

May 2019

Gratitude is SMA’s virtue of the month and 3rd Grade has so much to be grateful for.  We have had a wonderful year full of learning, our relationships with God are stronger, and we have gained tremendous confidence in ourselves.  We are also extremely grateful for our wonderful mothers who we will be celebrating on… Read more »

April 2019

3rd Grade continues to work on the many Reading standards in both Literature and Informational Text.  Currently students are learning how illustrations enhance the stories we read.  By looking closely at the story elements, students recognize how the characters, setting, major events, and mood are better understood thanks to the illustrator!  Students have revisited texts… Read more »

March 2019

The Lenten Season has begun and 3rd Grade has made their Lenten Promises.  Many students decided to do more of something they deem important such as prayer.  Students are recognizing the importance of spending time with God to strengthen their relationship with Him.  In the classroom, we are saying a decade of the rosary and… Read more »