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September 2021

3rd Grade has hit the ground running!  Many pre assessments are behind us in Reading, Writing, and Math so we can dive into Science and Social Studies! In Science, we will begin the year learning about fossils, animal survival, and heredity.  Students will learn how animals and their environments change through time.  Fossils provide us… Read more »

August 2021

Welcome Back!!!  Our first school day is Wednesday, August 18th.  Three days of Minimum Days will ease us back into our school routine.  There will be an All School Mass on Friday to celebrate our return to school and thank God for making it all possible.  It’s going to be a great year! …and don’t… Read more »

May 2021

Third Trimester has been a busy time for 3rd Grade!  Watch our video to see what we have been up to!!! Check out 3rd Grades 2021 Poetry Slam! Last, but not least, learn about The Ten Commandments!  They are a covenant with God’s people given by God to Moses. There is more!!!… Read more »

April 2021

In Spanish, students have been discussing their favorite foods and shared recipes for their friends to try.  Check out our videos and maybe you’ll try making them too! In Writing, students have been teaching their readers about topics such as how water reaches the ocean and how a seed grows into a tree. … Read more »

March 2021

3rd Grade’s performance of The Wizard of Oz was a success!  The students were able to perform in front of a small audience and share a video with their family & friends.  Check it out!

February 2021

We begin February by celebrating Catholics Schools Week!  3rd Grade created a video to share how they have been meeting Stella Maris’ School Wide Learning Expectations over the past few months.  Watch and enjoy!

January 2021

3rd Grade has big plans ahead for the month of January.  We begin with our new virtue, Celebration!  We will celebrate all that God has blessed us with.  The talents in our classroom are many!  Students are looking forward to beginning our next read aloud, The Wizard of Oz.  We will be performing it as… Read more »

December 2020 Enjoy learning about the California Indians of the coastal, valley, mountain, and desert regions! Also, see what’s been happening in 3rd Grade during 1st Trimester!

November 2020

3rd Grade celebrated the saints with style on Friday, October 30th!  After presenting their saint reports, the students paraded around the village in their costumes for all to see!  Immediately following the parade, we celebrated mass in the church for the first time this year!  It was a special day that was captured in photos… Read more »

October 2020

3rd Grade is learning many new things! In Reading, students are using stories from Little House in the Big Woods to identify key details, generate questions, and answer those questions.  The purpose for this is to strengthen their comprehension when reading independently.  Our first Read Aloud, The Mouse and the Motorcycle, is near completion.  We… Read more »