Since returning from Easter Break, 3rd Grade has been busy!  In Shared Reading, students have been learning about different text structures such as cause & effect, sequencing, and making comparisons.  After reading A Bad Case of the Stripes, students enjoyed identifying what caused the main character, Camilla, to change colors & patterns!

We just completed reading Charlotte’s Web as a class.  We reflected on E. B. White’s message that “It is not often that someone comes along who is a true friend…”  Charlotte was just that to Wilbur.  We also discussed the value of each character in the story.  Everyone had a role in the barnyard and students made the connection to our SMA Respect Pledge, “Each of us is different. Expect it!  Respect it!  Accept it!”

In Math, we are learning about fractions.  Our fraction bars are helping us create number lines to locate fractions and compare them.  We are also continuing to work on our multiplication facts!

In writing, students have been focusing in on small moments in their Narrative Writing.  We have been reading texts that show moments being described with great detail such as Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day and A Chair for My Mother that model this technique.

We are continuing our study of prefixes and suffixes as well as strengthening our vocabulary.

In Social Studies, students are learning about Costs & Benefits.  After learning about making choices when spending money, students were given play money to use over the next few weeks.  They are keeping track of what they are spending and earning in the classroom while recording their transactions in their register.  The love being paid for classroom jobs and making donations to the church collection.  They will be applying thoughtful decision making at our upcoming SMA Family Gala when they have to spend their tickets wisely!

In Science, students are learning about Matter.  They have completed labs which classify objects and compare & contrast objects such as rocks and minerals.  Students are identifying the three states of matter and watching as matter changes states as in our lab about ice vs water.

In Religion, students are learning about the Easter Season. We are focusing on The Works of Mercy and have already held a small canned food drive to help Feed the Hungry.  We reached out to Father Joe’s Village to find out what we can do to help Shelter the Homeless.  We may be small, but we are capable of making a difference.  Even if it’s just one life!  We will continue to reflect on each Work of Mercy and do what we can to help others.

There is still so much to do in 3rd Grade!  We are looking forward to the weeks ahead and learning as much as we can!