April 2022

3rd Grade has been busy organizing a Lenten Coin Collection for The Missionary Childhood Association.  Each week the students collect coins from the classrooms, count, and roll them!  We are close to $600, and we still have another week to gather more!!!  We look forward to presenting Sister Eva from MCA with a BIG check to help children in need around the world.

At our recent Steam Night, 3rd Grade helped continue our special SMA collection for the people of Ukraine.  The students collected many generous donations from our wonderful families!  The Ukrainian people are in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.  May God Bless them all.

3rd Grade has also been learning about the Stations of the Cross.  The students “Stepped Inside” to take a deeper look at the men and women involved along the way.  They put themselves in the place of Mary, Pontius Pilate, and even Simon of Cyrene, contemplating how they felt and what they believed.  We reflected on the stations in the church and created a special video to share with family and friends during this Lenten Season.


Next up…preparation for our Poetry Slam in May!

3rd Grade wishes you a Happy Easter!