April 2020

3rd Grade continues their studies, but at home this month.  Distance Learning hasn’t slowed us down!  We continue to work on our spelling and vocabulary as well as our Hot Topics and Close Reads.

In Reading, students are learning about the importance of illustrations and words in informative texts.  Just like in literature, the illustrations help us better understand the text.  Students are using the digital version of Time for Kids, rather than the classroom issues.  Just as good!

We just began our Geometry Unit.  Students are creating quadrilaterals from triangles and learning about the three different types of angles: obtuse, acute, and right angles.  Next up polygons!

The writing process continues at home.  Students are currently writing Narrative pieces about an animal experience they have had and they just completed writing about a time they were angry.  Students are paying close attention to the details included to bring their story to life.  They are also using strong beginnings and endings to catch the attention of the reader and to even teach the reader a lesson!

We concluded our Social Studies unit on Our Community and students further researched Juan Rodriquez Cabrillo, Father Junipero Serra, or the Transcontinental Railroad.  Videos were created or reports were written to share their findings.

In Science, students are learning about animal survival and heredity.  Students will see that habitats are not always constant, they can change over time.  Fossils enable us to look into the past.  Students can now speak on the evidence that suggests dinosaurs looked like big reptiles and their teeth indicate what they ate.

Holy week is approaching and students will be exploring the Stations of the Cross in greater depth.  They will be putting themselves in the shoes of others.  How did Mary feel to see her Son being treated so badly?  How did the soldiers feel as they carried out the orders from Pontius Pilate?  How did Jesus feel when he was nailed to the cross?

3rd Grade students continue to reflect on their Lenten promises.  Not only are they doing less of something, but they are doing MORE of something.  Students are thinking of others, just as Jesus did.

We will continue to keep our SMA family in our prayers during this difficult time and we look forward to returning to school!!!