April 2019

3rd Grade continues to work on the many Reading standards in both Literature and Informational Text.  Currently students are learning how illustrations enhance the stories we read.  By looking closely at the story elements, students recognize how the characters, setting, major events, and mood are better understood thanks to the illustrator!  Students have revisited texts such as Lon Po Po and Ruby Bridges for a new purpose, seeing the drawings in a whole new light!

Students continue to increase their vocabulary each week by learning synonyms & antonyms, using context clues to figure out the meaning of unknown words, and practicing flashcards to make learning new words fun!  We continue to study words parts, both prefixes & suffixes, to provide another strategy in uncovering the meaning of words as well as to support our spelling!  Our Noun Unit was just completed and students will be studying Adjectives next.  All of our studies in Language Arts continue to support our Writing!

3rd Grade just concluded their Narrative Writing Unit and are embarking on their first research report.  Students will be choosing an animal of their choice to research and share their findings through an informative report.  Students will be going through the writing process which will include using their graphic organizers to transfer their findings from their sources, drafting their information, revising & editing, and finally conferencing with peers and the teacher.  Writing is a process and is enjoyable when broken into steps!  This will be a skill that will serve them well in the older grades!

In Social Studies, students have been learning about Rules & Laws.  We have been contemplating questions such as How do rules and laws help people live together?  How does government work?  How have people worked for freedom?  Students discussed being a good citizen inside and outside the classroom, identified important American symbols, and created a drawing of the Three Branches of Government.  Students have enjoyed sharing their viewpoints on issues such as whether or not children should be able to vote and whether or not more money should be spent on local playgrounds.  The 3rd Graders are able to construct viable arguments and respectfully disagree when opinions aren’t agreed upon.  A skill that is imperative to have in our world!

In Religion, students are taking a closer look at The Stations of the Cross.  A Step Inside Activity is enabling the students to gain perspective on certain men and woman involved on the day of Jesus’ crucifixion.  What did Pontius Pilate think & wonder as he sentenced Jesus to death?  How did the guards feel as they nailed Jesus to the cross?  What did Mary wonder as her son died before her knowing this was God’s will?  Students are grasping much more as they are a year older.  We look forward to the Living Stations of the Cross on April 17th where we can reflect and thank Jesus for all He has given us.

3rd Grade wishes you a blessed Easter!