April 2018

3rd Grade is returning from spring break rested and ready to take on new challenges!  Prior to break, we learned about an author’s point of view knowing we had the right to respectfully disagree with his or her opinion.  3rd Grade students are becoming critical thinkers who recognize the importance of hearing both sides of an argument and becoming informed on a topic to help them form their own opinions.  3rd Grade isn’t easily persuaded!  Next… using text features to help when reading Informative Text.

We also concluded a Narrative Unit where students wrote to various writing prompts such as a time they were frightened or angry.  Students took it a step further and “exploded moments” of their writing focusing in on a particular part of their story with greater, more vivid detail.  Students read books that showed examples of this technique such as Knuffle Bunny and Alexander’s Horrible No Good Very Bad Day.  We even watched the short film Piper to see how Pixar does it!  The highly anticipated Animal Research Report is next on the agenda which enables students to revisit Informative Writing while supporting our Life Science curriculum.

3rd Grade will be taking a break from problem solving.  For the past few weeks, students solved for unknown factors and recognized when language was misleading.  Sometimes problems had extra information or not enough information to be able to solve the problem!  We are looking forward to learning about polygons in the weeks ahead.  Who knew there was so much to learn about rectangles, squares, and rhombuses!  Area and perimeter will also be studied as both will come in handy in real life!

In Science, 3rd Grade will be studying ecosystems keeping the following question in mind, “Why do organisms interact with their environment and what are the effects of these interactions?”  Students will be researching animals who use groups to help the members of their group survive. Findings will then be presented to the class so we can learn from one another.  We are looking forward to our upcoming field trip to the Birch Aquarium where we can see different habitats on exhibit, look closely for animal adaptations, and identify food chains throughout the aquarium!

3rd Grade thanks God for this wonderful world He has given us to explore!