3rd Grade has been busy!

In Shared Reading, students have been using story arcs to identify the Central Message.  After reading The Legend of Damon and Pythias, students used their story arcs to retell the key details that conveyed the central message.  Students learned that “money doesn’t always buy happiness!”

In Math, students are continuing to learn about multiplication and division.  They are applying the Commutative and Distributive Properties to problem solving.  The Quick Tables (Aleks) have been helpful in learning the multiplication facts which then can be applied to a game of Around the World!

In Writing, students have published their first Opinion piece.  After drafting, revising, and editing, students were excited to see their work displayed for all to see!  They enjoyed receiving peer feedback from their classmates during the process as well:)

In Social Studies, students learned about the four regions that make up California.  They created region books identifying the differences between the coast, the desert, the mountains, and the central valley.  Students have also identified different types of natural resources and how they are used daily.  They now have a better understanding of where they live and the natural resources around them!

In Science, students explained how scientists use experiments to answer questions.  They learned about the Scientific Method and conducted an investigation answering the question “Where will the water go?” in the Coloring Carnations Science Experiment.  The students had fun observing the carnations turn blue, yellow, and green!

In Religion, students learned about the gift of faith we have been given by God.  How wonderful we can trust in God knowing all will be well!  Students have also learned how Jesus taught us how to live as his followers.  This lesson has helped reinforce the monthly virtue Respect.  Students have been treating others as they would like to be treated:)  I am proud of the choices they are making!