September 2017

Third Grade is off to an amazing start!  We have identified the Central Message in books such as Chrysanthemum and Wemberly Worried.  The students recognized the authors were teaching us life lessons which we could learn from as we start the new school year.  Students also wrote their first Opinion piece of writing.  They provided reasons why they believe our class is similar to the crayons in the short story A Box of Crayons.   We feel blessed that God created us all to be unique and we are able to share our gifts!  In Math, we have begun to learn about multiplication.  The students are thrilled to learn multiplication is a fast way of adding!  Math vocabulary is being learned such as product, array, and commutative property.  The 8 Mathematical Practices are being applied as we draw our thinking and use precise language. We are looking forward to growing academically in the coming months!