May 2017

May is here and 3rd Grade is wrapping up their Animal Research Reports!  Students have researched their animal’s physical features, habitat, diet, and their adaptation features using various sources.  Video presentations have been created and will be shared with their 6th Grade Buddies.  Two videos have been posted on our 3rd Grade page that will teach you about tortoises and orangutans.  You are sure to learn many interesting facts!

3rd and 1st Grade recently chose our next Kiva recipient.  We decided to “Go Green” which means these loans provide access to products that reduce pollution, provide solar energy, or promote recycling and repurposing materials.  Students voted unanimously to loan money to a woman by the name of Janipher.  Janipher lives in Uganda in a rural community.  She had 0% funding and we were the first to help her.  The money she receives will help her buy more second hand clothes to sell during this Easter Season.  One fact that impressed the students was Janipher is in her 10th year of business.  She is a successful business woman!  The students were also touched to learn that she takes care of her mother who is not well.  Janipher faces many struggles living in a rural area, but that doesn’t stop her business.  Students were excited to help Janipher and make her life a bit easier:)

Preparations are underway for SMA’s Annual Talent Show on Wednesday, May 31st.  3rd Grade will be participating with a class act that will be unforgettable!  Many 3rd Grade students will also be performing magic, dance routines, and popular songs you can sing along with.  All are welcome!