December 2017

It is time to prepare for the coming of the Son of God this Advent Season.  He will save us from sin.  Students will be receiving the sacrament of Reconciliation to ask God for forgiveness of their sins. In turn, we will forgive one another when we have been wronged.  As always, we will continue to pray to the saints asking for peace in our world.  3rd Grade is ready for this magnificent season!

December is a busy time in 3rd Grade as we prepare for our upcoming Christmas Pageant and continue our studies across the curriculum.  In Writing, students will be reflecting on how they are meeting SMA’s Student Learning Expectations by writing Informative pieces.  In the past few weeks, students have been learning to elaborate on their facts and inform the reader of a particular subject.  They are the “experts” and have much to share!  In Math, students will continue to work on word problems applying newly learned measurement skills.  Learning more about time, using our Judy Clocks, will be lots of fun!  In Reading, students have been learning how key details help them identify the main idea of an Informative text.  Text features help in identifying the main idea as well!  We are becoming stronger and more independent readers!  In Social Studies, students continue to learn about the California Indians.  Students will be focusing on the economy and government of the CA Indians of the four CA regions.  Students are looking forward to our upcoming Field Trip to Indian Hills Camp where they can show the counselors all their knowledge!

3rd Grade wishes you a Merry Christmas and a happy & healthy New Year!!!