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March 2018

During this Lenten Season, 3rd Grade is strengthening their relationship with God through prayer.  We continue to read and discuss Scripture during our Religion class knowing this too is a form of prayer.  3rd Grade is also looking forward to our upcoming Lenten Reconciliation Service.  When we participate in the Sacraments, we are praying as… Read more »

February 2018

3rd Grade just concluded Catholic Schools Week by celebrating our wonderful grandparents!  Our grandparents toured the 3rd Grade classroom viewing student work on display, listened to students present various Informative writing pieces, and helped their grandchild create coordinate drawings!  Our All School Mass was the perfect way to end the day.  We prayed together and… Read more »

January 2018

Happy New Year!  3rd Grade is looking forward to a great year ahead! We are back to school and ready to challenge ourselves even more!  3rd Grade is continuing to read Informational Texts to help us see the importance of sequencing, cause and effect, and time order.  Historical events, such as the story of Jesse… Read more »

December 2017

It is time to prepare for the coming of the Son of God this Advent Season.  He will save us from sin.  Students will be receiving the sacrament of Reconciliation to ask God for forgiveness of their sins. In turn, we will forgive one another when we have been wronged.  As always, we will continue… Read more »

November 2017

SMA’s All Saint’s Day Assembly was a success!  The children looked wonderful and shared their knowledge of their saint so confidently with Mrs. Lowell!  The student’s Saint Report Presentations to the 1st and 2nd Graders were amazing as well!  They introduced themselves, projected their voices as they spoke, and answered audience questions with ease!  Well… Read more »

October 2017

3rd Grade has been busy with Science labs this month!  Students learned that not only are there Mathematical Practices, but there are Scientific & Engineering Practices as well!  Students are learning to ask questions, develop models, and plan & carry out investigations.  Students are engaging in discussions based on evidence from their labs and evaluating… Read more »

September 2017

Third Grade is off to an amazing start!  We have identified the Central Message in books such as Chrysanthemum and Wemberly Worried.  The students recognized the authors were teaching us life lessons which we could learn from as we start the new school year.  Students also wrote their first Opinion piece of writing.  They provided… Read more »

August 2017

Welcome back to school!  I hope everyone had a relaxing summer spent with family and friends.  I have an exciting year planned for 3rd Grade and I am looking forward to getting started on Monday, August 28th!  For those students who tracked their summer reading, bring in your logs and I will turn them into… Read more »

June 2017

3rd Grade is counting down the last few days until summer vacation!  The students have worked very hard in this last trimester and deserve a break!  Students know the importance of continuing to read over the summer as well as practicing their multiplication facts.  As we always say, “If you don’t use it, you’ll lose… Read more »

May 2017

May is here and 3rd Grade is wrapping up their Animal Research Reports!  Students have researched their animal’s physical features, habitat, diet, and their adaptation features using various sources.  Video presentations have been created and will be shared with their 6th Grade Buddies.  Two videos have been posted on our 3rd Grade page that will… Read more »